Granbury Texas

Narrow Escape is an unbelievably immersive and challenging adventure in which you must use your wits and problem-solving skills to find the clues and escape before time runs out. Can you do it?

Best escape room experience I’ve had in the Fort Worth area! Can’t wait to go back to try the other rooms! 5 Stars!

Michael Rye

Had so much fun and the staff is great. Thank you for an Awesome time.

Kira Fraser

This was so much fun! Fabulous experience for our first escape room adventure!

Stephanie Anne Browning

It was an amazing experience! I will definitely be back! I want to go to all of the rooms. ♥️

Dawn Guthrie

Break the
Curse of the Sultan

4-8 Players – $25 per Player
Recommended age 13+
This room requires a minimum of 4 players.

Scorned by an unfaithful wife, the king of a great empire is brokenhearted, so he banishes her from the kingdom. The Sultan decides to marry a new woman every day only to banish her the next morning until a young woman named Scheherazade (sha-hair-a-zod) claimed she had a magic book that would cure the sultan of his distrust. Each night she would read him a story that would convince him to let her stay, but tonight, her magic book has gone missing. It’s one hour until sunset, can you find her magic book before the Sultan sends Scheherazade to live in the desert for good?

Escape The
Spooky Speak Easy

2-8 Players – $25 per Player – Recommended age 13+

Take on the legendary Texas Ghost, John St. Hellens in this epic adventure that has you trapped in an abandoned speakeasy beneath the famous theater he once operated. Communicate with spirits and find the answers to one of America’s biggest mysteries. Who Was John St. Hellens?

Case File #454

2-8 Players – $25 per Player – Recommended age 6+

Private Detective Stoker is a renowned sleuth, offering his services to the wealthiest elite and several nefarious government agencies around the globe. Stoker never gives up on a case and always delivers what his clients are looking for. However, as his team of skilled assistants, you have become worried about Mr. Stoker’s whereabouts. You know he was in Panama working on Case File No. #454, but he hasn’t checked in for days. Your crew must break into his office and find him. Problem is, his security system will self detonate in one hour. You better hurry!



2-4 Players – $25 per Player – Ages 16+ Only
This adventure includes tight spaces and climbing.

While on a hike in the Rocky Mountains with your friends, you stumble upon a strange door built into a rocky cliff side. Curiosity strikes and you decide to see what is inside. You shimmy the door open and each of you sneaks in. Just as the last person enters, the door slams behind them. Trapping you in a dark military bunker…

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