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Curse of the Sultan

4-8 Players – $25 per Player
Recommended age 13+
This room requires a minimum of 4 players.

Curse of the Sultan

There once was sultan who banished his wife from the kingdom because he feared she was unfaithful. His trust never rebuilt as he spent years searching the kingdom for a faithful wife to take her place.

Many nights passed as did many more potential wives, all of them suffering the same fate as the first until a woman named Scheherazade claimed she could help rid the sultan of his distrust.

Each night she would read to the sultan from a magical storybook an epic tale that would captivate his imagination only to stop before the end of the story. For this, he would spare her freedom and allow her to stay and finish the story the next morning.

Every night another story even more captivating than the first, again stopping before the end. One thousand nights have passed and Scheherazade’s magical book has kept the sultan from kicking her out of the city… until now.
Scheherazade’s magical book has gone missing one hour before dusk when she must begin reading to the king, if she is unable to read from the book, the sultan will indeed banish her from the kingdom for life.

You have heard a rumor circulating in a Bedouin camp just outside the kingdom that a local merchant has stolen Scheharazod’s book. It is your job to scour the merchant’s and get Scherharazod’s magical book back before the sun sets.