Stinkin’ Pete was the owner as well as the barkeep down at the ol’ dusty, shootout saloon. It’s early spring and you find yourself a few pints down and now in deep conversation with the aforementioned spirits dealer about your recent luck at the poker tables. About this time your trusty steed becomes unbridled and breaks free from the hitchin’ post out front. Now being a reasonable man, you know you gotta settle up with Pete before you bolt out the door to chase yer horse. Now is the terrible moment you realize you left yer billfold in the saddlebag. Oh my…
Stinkin’ Pete looks up at you with a half-cocked grin and a slur he says “Look like yer luck done ran out mister”.
“I’ll tell ya what” he continues, “I’ve been having this dream where I lock people in rooms and make them solve puzzles to get out. You solve these here riddles and puzzles I got and let me know if they’re any good, and yer drinks are on me. If you can’t solve em, guess you’ll just have to tend to the dishes.”
Well, cowboy, are we solvin’ puzzles or washin’ dishes? Click below if you think you’ve got what it takes.

Click on the saloon doors to start.

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